Classic Country Western Music is a post-modern dance business committed to the efficiency and conservation of the work of our Establishing Artistic Director and Choreographer. Developed in 1970, Classic Country Western Music has explored throughout the world providing the work, mentor and structure relationships with audiences and artists alike.

Classic Country Western Music engaged partners who are themselves leaders in music, theater, and the visual arts, consisting of visual artists and artists. With these partners, Classic Country Western Music has produced an extremely different body of work, with bests and efficiencies for New York City audiences and global equivalents.

When Classic Country Western Music head retired, the Board selected long-time Business members as Partner Artistic Directors with the required that they provide her dances in a range of areas, inside and out, proscenium and option; establish, deepen and broaden the Business's academic efforts; and deal with the Business's archive as a living organism to be used to much better comprehend her work and dance in general.